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Magna Plates Complete Kit

Magna Plates Complete Kit

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The Multi Plate has been designed to fit most licence plates not just UK standard plate sizes, this includes, US spec and custom sized licence plates. The Multi Plate kit is also perfect for hard to mount areas.

The next generation solution for quick-removal licence plates. Ideal for show cars and track cars or any other reason where you need to remove your licence plate.

Magna Plates are made from high quality flexible plastic to ensure durability.
The kit comes with everything you need to install your Magna Plate - Multi Plate.

What will you receive in your kit?

- 1 x Multi Plate kit consisting of 4 Multi Plates.
- Super Strong adhesive magnets for the inner side of your bumper.
- Stickers to cover magnets.
- Detailed instructions on how to fit your Magna Plate.

(Registration plate not included)