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LED Ambient Underglow Kit

LED Ambient Underglow Kit

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The ultimate colour changing upgrade.
Create a whole new look with the Autobeam Ambient Underglow Kit. Delivering over 300 colour styles including rainbow mode, colour flow, and static modes you'll be spoilt for choice. 

Change the look in seconds
By downloading the LED app onto your smartphone you'll be able to control the colour modes, brightness and timings of your stylish new Ambient Underglow Kit using Bluetooth technology.

Install made simple
Due to the 3M® self-adhesive backing and simple fitting clips, the LED light strips are quick and easy to mount. 


Voltage: 12v

Standard Kit (Suitable for most cars)

Strip Length
Front: 145cm
Drivers Side: 175cm    
Passengers Side: 175cm
Rear: 60cm

Cable Length
Front: 100cm
Drivers Side: 250cm
Passengers Side: 320cm
Rear: 550cm


Large Kit (Suitable for Vans)

Strip Length
Front: 220cm
Drivers Side: 207cm
Passengers Side: 207cm
Rear: 240cm

Cable Length
Front: 200cm
Drivers Side: 350cm
Passengers Side: 400cm
Rear: 550cm


4x Ambient light strips
1x Ambient control system
1x Fitting Pack


1 Year

Warranty does not cover damage caused to the strips by them being scraped on the ground or impacts. Due to the full silicone moulding these will take impact from stones or other ground debris with no issues.