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LED Ambient Grille Kit

LED Ambient Grille Kit

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Complete the colour-changing look

The new Ambient Grille Strip delivers over 200 new colour styles including half & half mode, colour chase, and sets a new standard with Rainbow Mode. It's the perfect add-on if you've already purchased Autobeam Ambient Rings. 

Change it up, with a tap. 
Simply plug the kit into the Ambient Ring 2 adaptor, download the colour-changing app onto your smartphone and you'll be able to control the colour, mode and brightness of your stylish new LED Strip using Bluetooth. 

Install made simple
Due to the 3M® self-adhesive backing and simple fitting clips, the LED light strips are quick and easy to mount. 

Add controller
Yes: If you would like the product with its own control system.

No: If you already have an ambient controller and do not require another.


Voltage: 12v
Length: 650mm


1-4x LED Grille Strip
1x Ambient Control system (Add-on option)   


1 Year